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  1. Adam Cox
    Adam Cox

    Pendleton Capital Group, Inc.
    Houston, TX

    42 Points

  2. Kevin O'Hare
    Kevin O'Hare

    Scott Valley Business Capital a Division of Scott Valley Bank
    San Jose, CA

    12 Points

  3. Bob Zadek, Esq.
    Bob Zadek, Esq.

    Buchalter Nemer
    San Francisco, CA

    12 Points

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  • Crystal Han

    Any Small Factor(s) interested Government Recei...

    Posted in: Small Factors Com...

    Got an applicant, landscaping/tree trimming company, contracted to do jobs for City of Philly. I'm not too familiar with 'assignment of claims' act (government receivables) and such therefore looking...

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  The IFA Mentor Program will compile a list of experienced factors to assist those new to the factoring industry. The goal of the mentoring program is to teach new factors how the industry operates with the goal of helping the entire industry. We will compile a listing of mentors and release it to new members.

To apply as a Mentor, please fill out the application by clicking here.
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