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BC Factoring, LLC


As a seasoned professional in the factoring industry, I help engage, support, and build portfolios for entrepreneurs. I have a proven successful track record of client retention through exceptional service and advising best growth opportunities by providing risk assessment and strategy. I take my passion and knowledge of project management and apply those practices to achieve an end goal of building relationships and businesses.

Throughout my years of business experience, I have achieved top sales goals and leadership recognition through rapid advancement. I believe the key to anyone’s success is teamwork, trust, and communication.

Specialties: Project Management, Portfolio Management, Operational Management, Market Research, Consulting, Leadership, Mentoring, Training and Employee Development, Team-Building

♦ I enjoy helping people and supporting ambitious causes.
♦ I have a warm heart and huge passion for children.
♦ I am an advocate for health and fitness.
♦ I love setting personal goals and the adventure it takes to achieve them.